Alley maintenance

Alleys and alley trees are just as important in green areas as parks are. Our alley maintenance projects are usually commissioned by local governments, public institutions, cemeteries, electric utilities, parklands, companies and private individuals.

Alley maintenance is not without dangers therefore we put great emphasis on providing guarantees towards our employers when working on these projects.

Alley maintenance related services

- reviewing,counselling
- alley surveying (locations, tree types, sizes, ages and conditions)
- alley installement, tree relocation, planning and implementation with guarantee
- pruning, thinning (Alpine technique)
- cutting down trees, stump removals
- chopping loppings

Our references go back to 1991. Our biggest challenge so far has been the creation and maintenance of the Kecskemét Botanical Garden.

Portfolio :

Kecskemét Botanical Garden (website)
Alley maintenance

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