Ornamental Plants Production

Ornamental plants production is a prioritized activity of our company. We produce specimens of 397 plant species of three categories. The largest of these is that of shrubs and perennials with 235 species. We have an ornamental tree assortment of 91 species with pines and evergreens amounting to 71 species altogether.

In addition to producing well-known and popular plants, it has been our aim to introduce new species in all product categories for years.

To broaden our selection of shrubs and perennials, we import reproductive materials from the Netherlands, including new levanders, various agrimonies and increasingly popular roses. In addition, we aim to satisfy consumer demands supplying highly special solitary ornamental plants. The most popular of these are the various shape-cut junipers.

n the case of ornamental trees, we offer everything, from base varieties to scions. Our customers can choose from young saplings to full-grown trees with strong roots in all possible sizes. Most of these plants are sold unearthed but we also sell specimens with containers to be flexible towards our customers so that they can bridge summer replanting.

As for pines and evergreens, we grow hamiscipruses, arbores and junipers in various sizes and with soilballs and containers, including extra size, 3-4 meter high plants, should the need arise.

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