The history of our nursery-garden goes literally back decades. The saplings garden in Méheslapos was a research facility of the Forestry Research Institute since the early 1960s and was managed by KEFAG. 1989 saw the launch of an educational center on the area sponsored by the state and with the aim of providing a training base for forestry and horticultural high schools and colleges in the area.

KEFAG started growing ornamental plants next to the Méheslapos saplings garden in 1991. We began with raising vegetatively propagated plants originating from the Szarvas Botanical Garden. The May of the same year already saw us operate as an independent forestry unit with the name Juniperus Garden.

Back then we were engaged not only plants production and forest management but operated KEFAG's Csalános Parkland and the Kecskemét Botanical Garden. We characteristically grew acacias, poplars and black pines and were frequently commissioned to produce various oak saplings found in Hungary.

1995 saw us complete a state-of-the-art reproduction green house with the adjacent service buildings enabling us to start using our own reproductive materials in plants production.

In 1997 we started a 10-year lease on two sites, one in Gödöllő and another in Szombathely. As the climatic potentials of the latter proved highly favorable for the production of quality evergreens with soilball. production, our production in our Szombathely facility has tripled since. We recently closed down our Gödöllő operations, responsible primarily for the production of plants with containers, due to financial considerations.

Our production volume was increased not only through our leased sites but our successful efforts to promote integrated production. In addition to our own facilities, we are outsourcing growing to private gardens, businesses, smallholders and even the Kecskemét, Solt and Harta correction facilities of the Penal Authority of Bács-Kiskun County.

To guarantee reliable service we created a 1500-sqm sales facility in 2000, which we have been upgrading and extending ever since, enhancing the sales area continuously.

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